Luxury Residences in Cabo


We are back


os Cabos has often been defined by the beauty of our desert by the sea and the remoteness of our physical place. Also, our resilience. It can be seen in the passion of our people and their desire to provide our guests with impeccable service, warmth and the feeling of connection.

After months of hard work, the tourist industry in Baja California Sur has opened its doors with the proper requirements, to show the world we are ready to welcome the tourism back.

Working to maintain clean and safe one of the most important tourist destinations of Mexico wouldn’t be possible without the work between the private industry and the government. Thanks to this enormous effort, we have been able to acquire the Safe Travel and Punto Limpio certifications.

Luxury rental villas are expected to become a popular vacation venue for affluent travelers seeking safe vacation options. At the highest level, villas commonly range from 3,500 to 20,000 square feet and provide a range of amenities one would expect in a luxurious home. Full-size swimming pools, state-of-the-art media rooms, CEO-ready offices, and well-equipped in-residence gyms mean guests can enjoy relaxation and utter privacy while severely limiting potential health-risk exposure.

Our villa collection comprises exclusively multi-million-dollar homes built to the highest standards. Both our owners and guests are a mix of CEOs, business owners, sports stars and celebrities, who all value privacy. As we pass this crisis, true luxury villas provide a perfect venue for families, groups of friends, and even high-level business meetings, while minimizing exposure and easily maintaining safe social distancing.

In addition, our luxury villas are serviced by a dedicated staff. While many large-scale luxury resorts and hotel complexes may also offer villa accommodations, they are serviced by rotating hotel employees, increasing your chance of exposure.

Holidays are around the corner , and we will be very happy to welcome you in any of our amazing properties.