Property Management

About a decade ago, Corporate Travel Alliance gave birth to Luxury Residences in Cabo thanks to the need of our friends in the destination with whom we have had the privilege of sharing experiences and building solid relationships.

For us living full time in the destination, the most important thing was always to support and be the eyes of those who were not lucky enough to be in this paradise all year round, even our same clients who used to come on vacation have been convinced that magic de Los Cabos is unique, so they have decided to stay and use our services.

The LRC family has grown and through the years we have had the opportunity to work in many communities taking challenges and projects that have driven us to growth, but above all that have taught us that each family is a cosmos full of diversity.

Currently LRC is a consolidated company and we provide services in multiple ways for our clients, including developers, having the ability to take on complete projects ranging from construction, inventories, assemblies, interior design, remodeling, everything necessary to safeguard the value of their properties. . Ritz Carlton has been an example of which we share the pride of operating 27 residences from the reception by the builder, equipment, assemblies, but above all we appreciate today maintaining very close relationships with their owners.

Our team of professionals has been trained with dedication and care where we understand the value of empathy and the love of honest work; That is why our turnover level is far below that of any company in the industry and our work environment is at an excellent level of satisfaction. We have a work style where each employee knows that for LRC the most important thing is human capital.