The multiple influences from Asian, European and definitely the Mexican cuisine, have contributed to the great gastronomic scene in Los Cabos.

Made up of unique traditions, luscious ingredients -including the best seafood-, prominent restaurants, renowned chefs and mind-blowing recipes, the gastronomy of the region is as local as cosmopolitan.

What is interesting to see in the Baja cuisine is the great respect for the nature, the high-quality ingredients, mostly locally and sustainably grown.

Thanks to Los Cabos privileged location, its ocean, desert, coastline, mountains and even the climate, numerous ancestral ingredients are being reinvented to delight and surprise travelers.

The southern tip of Baja peninsula is such a thriving destination with so much to offer to the world. That’s the reason why visitors get surprised not only with unique land and seascapes, but also with unusual combinations that have helped forge the many cultures that find their home at Land’s End.

From a culinary perspective, Los Cabos offers a great cuisine diversity that is beginning to position the destination as the next great culinary harbor.

Gastronomy is about a diversity of cultures, skills, traditions and ingredients. Los Cabos means delicious cuisine, culture, music and art all related to ancestral flavors.

A great culinary heritage and an array of promising dishes for all tastes and budgets can be found when you visit Los Cabos, a top destination conformed by Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Our gastronomy offers authentic Mexican cuisine, exquisite street food, mouthwatering local seafood (including fish tacos), but also world class restaurants leaded by recognized chefs and high-end resorts.